More Scary to Change

July 5, 2016

By Kelly Morgan

For A City for Her


You have that voice inside you. It’s telling you something needs to change. But you’re not ready yet, so you ignore it…but now it’s getting louder. So you get deep-down and busy into something over here, just so you can avoid it. Typical distractions include getting howling drunk, fun day out with friends, busyiness at work, at home. Anything but have to pay attention to that little voice inside of you.

Why do we do that?

Because if we listen to it, then we have to do something. And we are shit scared to change something. Because if we change, we don’t know the full impact that that change is going to make. So in fact it’s just scary because we have a fear of the unknown.

This fear of the unknown is a very common fear as naturally we like stability and to know what we are getting ourselves into but when we are going into something new this is impossible. 

The fear never goes away totally, and that’s ok as it’s actually there to protect us. It’s there as a support to help us make more informed decisions. However, sometimes it can be over-protective and hold us back, so how can we embrace the fear and make the changes that you really want to make? 

When I work with my clients we go through these few steps to overcome this fear of the unknown:

1. Make sure you really connect to your vision – what is the change that you really want to make, what does it look like, what does it feel like, how will you be when you achieve this dream?

2. Do your homework – by this I mean know all the details that you can possible know about the new change so you that are going into with your eyes open

3. Build your new boat before you sink your old boat – there is no point jumping ship until your new boat is sea-worthy 😉

4. Trust yourself – connect to your inner state, that place inside of you that knows what to do – by meditating, taking time to listen, being somewhere inspiring for you, yoga 

5. Do it anyway – even if you have some fear do it anyway, as that voice inside of you starting speaking for a reason. If you’ve taken the steps above you will be good to go.


About the Author

Kelly Morgan

It takes stepping into the you you’ve always felt welling up inside you. It takes letting go of the stuff that pulls at you to stay under the covers for another week. It takes FEELING your power and wanting to run with it.

Read more on Kelly here.


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