Last Friday morning (at breakfast time!), a wonderful group of A City for Her members met together, at Les Minimes, a beautiful place located in the Marais, in the heart of Paris.

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And why did they wake up so early that morning? They all wanted to attend a very beneficial and useful workshop, that A City for Her co-organised with Mahalia Grillot.

At the beginning of this exciting morning session, all participants shared their own difficulties in managing time, such as procrastination, always being late or unable to find a balance between work and life.

Mahalia provided us with a great number of tips. And that’s not all. She gave us two useful tools to help manage our time: the SMART model to manage our goals and the Urgent-Important matrix to prioritize our tasks.

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Some golden rules that we should keep in mind:

+Rest periods are essential, but different for everyone.

+Saying yes to something is saying no to something else.

+Time taken to plan is always worth it.

+Find the easiest and simplest way to do things.

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During her talk about “planning yourself”, she recommended us not to neglect planning and not to be afraid to ask someone for help. Seek help from someone you trust. To ask someone (friends, family, colleagues) for help is also to honour them.

Thanks to Mahalia, we learned how to prioritize, set our goals, plan more efficiently and keep a positive work/life balance. All A City for Her members really enjoyed this wonderful workshop and truly benefited a lot from it.

Thank you Claire, Isabelle, Svetlana, Marina, Shana, Sabrina and Jessica for coming, for sharing and for this lovely morning together – full of good vibes and positive energy. Your time is so precious, it is never too late to learn how to manage it.

Let’s start to apply what we have learned and become a master of time!

See you very soon again!

Your A City for Her Team


  1. Svetlana Kim 5 years ago

    Dear Nadia and Mahalia! Thank you for this great workshop- light, concise yet very stimulating and informative! looking forward to the next events with A City for Her!

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