Is there anything more quintessentially French than the search for romance?

There’s just something about the country that captures the imaginations of even the most cynical hearts. With her debut jewelry line (aptly named Lovebird), Anais Villemagne has combined this romantic spirit with luxury design to create timeless wearable art.

Each of Lovebird’s pieces can be personalized with unique details such as lucky stars, oneiric moons, or colored sapphires. These special touches were inspired by the tradition of secret message jewels of 19th century Paris: during the Napoleonic era, Acrostic bracelets enjoyed a great success among lovers who would utilize gemstones to express their devotion. Each piece of jewelry was a poem and a love story waiting to be discovered.

A passionate idea deserves a passionate leader, and Anais is just that. Raised predominantly overseas, she returned to France with an appetite for the luxury industry and an entrepreneurial spirit. Anais creates everything herself, from the brand storytelling, jewelry designing, and packaging. While she admits it can be difficult at times to operate as a one-woman show, her increased focus on networking and reaching out to other women in business has helped her stay inspired.

“In the A City for Her network, most women are entrepreneurs, or they have experience working, so I can discuss business with them. I find that we all have a lot in common. And I also really enjoy the international environment. It brings me opportunities to meet and inspire new women from around the world.”

Moving forward, Anais hopes to expand Lovebird into the South Korean and Japanese markets and possibly break into the cosmetics industry. Her life motto?

“Fight in a positive way, and don’t give up”.

With her combination of romantic spirit and positivity, we have no doubt that Lovebird will continue to soar.

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