Enjoy an introduction to Yin Yoga and learn about the health benefits and experience the magic for yourself! Join Carina and get to know your inner landscape in this deeply calming, profound mind-body workshop. Energize, balance and restore!

Yin yoga is a practice of long-held, deeply relaxing and stretching poses that open and energize the meridians, or energy pathways of the body, restoring joint mobility as you quietly activate and gather your chi, your prana – your life force.

The asanas combined with deep, focused breathing encourage you to tune in and listen to your body and surrender to your feelings rather than trying to push them down or control them. Poses are held between three and ten minutes, to liberate the body’s chronic holding patterns and relieve pain. One of the most potent ways to cultivate the body’s subtle energy, Yin enables you to heal yourself, relax deeply, move negative emotions out, prevent injury and find a deep sense of peace in your body, mind and spirit.

The Yin Yoga session starts with a meditation and breathing exercise. 

All levels are welcome. No prior Yoga experience is necessary. Bring a blanket. 

Minimum/Maximum of participants: 5 / 18  persons


60 rue Saint Sabin
75011 Paris
Code: 73A19
On the right side after the company Decommedia. 


19h Introduction to Yin Yoga

19h15 Yin Yoga Session

20h45 Q&A + Networking & healthy drinks & snacks 

21:30 End

About our Coach, Carina

Besides working as a passionate yoga teacher, Carina practices Chinese medicine and craniosacrale therapy in her clinic in the heart of Paris and has specialised on the treatment of all kinds of female imbalances and diseases. This knowledge influences her yoga workshops and helps to create a holistic experience for you. 



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