Self-Massage Techniques for Stress Relief

Most of you are sitting for hours in front of a computer. This generates tensions in your body. Then you feel pains in your back, your shoulders, your eyes…

Learn useful massage techniques that you can practice on your own in order to relieve shoulder pains, and release tensions from your body − from head to toe.

These massages will improve blood circulation and boost your energy.

Some exercises may be perfomed in pairs.

Join us on October 26 and share a moment of relaxation and fun with our team.

About our Host

 Koun Vannaxay

Koun Vannaxay

Koun Vannaxay offers a wide range of high quality massages for your health and well-being.

She practices different techniques − from traditional techniques, such as Chinese massage, to foot and Shiatsu massages − and combines them to offer the most personalized massage.

Koun Vannaxay specialized in a massage called Sourire du Nombril (Happy Belly Massage). This massage helps alleviate tensions and stress stored in the abdomen by stimulating the circulatory system. It is a gentle massage therapy that will fill your body with more harmony and peace.

Koun Vannaxay offers services for individuals, groups and corporations. Her institue is located in Paris, 8th arrondissement. Read more:


Programme & Pricing

Get-together starts at 7pm

The self-massage session starts at 7:15pm (please be on time) & ends at 8:15pm

Time for networking including a nice French apéritif until 9:00pm

Premium members: EUR 17

Free members: EUR 22

Maximum number of attendees: 10 persons

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