How to Make the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur


There is an emerging recognition that employees who transition from organization employment to become entrepreneurs may have identified valuable entrepreneurial opportunities and may subsequently have better entrepreneurial performance than other individuals.

However, employees are usually reluctant to transition to entrepreneurship due to the risky income in entrepreneurship compared to a guaranteed income in organizational employment.

The French government has established innovative solutions to help (ex-) employees make a smooth transition toward entrepreneurship. 

In the first part of this session, Faten AMAMOU, a French Chartered accountant, will introduce some of these solutions.

In the second part, she will give a comprehensive overview of the business structures in France and introduce two major types: the sole trader business (Entreprise individuelle) and the private limited company (Société).

This workshop is the first of a series of useful workshops that will take place during the first term of the year. 

The next workshop/meetup ‘Which legal status should I choose for my company?’ will take place on February 22nd, 2017.

About our Expert, Faten AMAMOU

Faten AMAMOU is a French Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor based in Paris.

She has 15 years experience in establishing and registering businesses, in accounting, taxation and social matters.

She provides entrepreneurs with professional advice and support on setting up a company, especially with respect to the legal aspects and business registration.

She also provides financial assistance and accountancy advice for new entrepreneurs and businesses to help them develop their business with useful tools such as dashboards and business plans.

She speaks French, English, and Arabic fluently.

Programme and pricing

Get-together from 7pm on

Session starts at 7:30pm (sharp)

Session ends at 8:45pm

Q&A Session: 8:45pm (Prepare your questions!!)

Networking time including drinks and finger food

End of Event: 9:30-45pm

Premium members: EUR 15 // Free members: EUR 20

Maximum number of attendees: 20

We look forward to attending a useful workshop and to spending a wonderful time with you!


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