Workshop ‘First Job in Paris: Survival Kit’

Would you like to:

– Ensure you understand the Parisian way of recruiting?
– Know how to approach the market without losing your energy!
– Know the “implicit rules” on dress code and speech
– Train yourself to give a fantastic first impression

If so, this workshop is for you!

Welcome to Paris !

This could be more difficult that you thought it will be! It’s not easy to deal with French people.

if you are not used to it. Cultural differences are often perceived as barriers, but I truly
believe that diversity is one of the important criteria for a company’s success.
I have been in France for almost 10 years now, and I still remember all my questions
regarding how to introduce myself and research for my first job! so the objective of this
workshop is to help you be more efficient on your first job search in Paris.

During this workshop I’ll share with you tips & tricks on how to adjust your speech and
approach to market. Participants will do a series of exercises that will help them gain
confidence on their story and background and allow them to better showcase their
experience. This will allow you to be less stressed and help you focus your energy on the
right things!

Price is:
– EUR 15,00 for Premium members & AUP Students
– EUR 20,00 for Free members.

This price includes the workshop by a professional coach in leadership in a centrally located (and lovely) place, and a drink.

++ Get together: from 7:00 pm
++ Workshop starts at 7:15 pm (don’t be late!)
++ Workshop ends at 8:45 pm
++ *Networking Time* including one drink until 9:30 pm
Stay and continue to discuss, ask questions, share experiences with the other A City for Her members & our fabulous Coach!

The workshop will be in English!

Who is Claudia, our professional coach?

Claudia Garcia is the CEO & founder of DAREto: an innovative consulting and training firm specialised on leadership, which aim is to empower individuals and their organisations to enhance their brand, their influence and their motivation.
Passionate about human relations, Claudia believes that trust, confidence and diversity are the keys of success in today’s world.
She has 10 years of international professional experience, holds a BA in Economics. Claudia is also certified on the fields of self-knowledge, positive psychology, career management and speaks 4 languages.

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