Let’s enjoy the City during the month of August and meet at brunch time! As you probably know, there is no networking night during the summer break and we have decided to organize two casual brunches. It will be the perfect occasion to meet, make new friends and connections in a casual and informal atmosphere.

For this second Brunch, we choose “Soya Cantine Bio” where we will enjoy an amazing homemade buffet. This is a prix fixe brunch and to avoid any bill issue, we invite you to book your ticket before the event. Alcohol is not included in the price.

Places are limited

**Please book your ticket early enough in order to avoid any disappointment!**

This brunch will be hosted by Yasmine.

Schedules & Pricing

Start time: 11:30 am
End time: 2:00 pm 
 Participation fee € 33.00

** No refunds for any cancellation received after 19 August 11:00am **


A City for Her / A City for Her is an international Community, an innovative start-up dedicated to dynamic business women, women business travelers, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, start-up founders, project initiators, expats, freelancers and motivated postgraduate students from around the world. A City for Her / A City for Her aims to facilitate face-to-face meetings, simplifies how women from many different places and sectors of industry do business, and helps them build a stronger network.

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