You know you’ve got this.

You walk tall.

Victory is within sight. 

All the hard work was worth it and you feel on top of the world.

Yes you can feel like this, but only when you navigate past the negative little voices saying “”are you sure”, “what if you make a mistake” and “you’re not good enough to do that”. And then it flashes up images or memories of all the stuff you did “wrong” before. 

Until then you stay stuck. You can’t move forward. You’re paralysed about all the options and which way to move forward

I have dealt with this problem time and time again with clients and I’ve also fought my own demons so I would love to share with you some insights into how best to stay connected to your own power. Because when your inner core is strong, like a strong tree rooted into the ground, you cannot be so easily swayed by the environment. You know your truth, you’re untouchable, you’re magnificent. 

In this workshop I will share with you practices so that you can reconnect to your power and feel more clear, more confident, more YOU. 

Bring with you a notebook and pen to work-through the exercises.




Get-together starts at 7:30
Workshop starts at 8 pm
Maximum participants : 13
Booking price: EUR 2,00


About Kelly

It takes stepping into the you you’ve always felt welling up inside you. It takes letting go of the stuff that pulls at you to stay under the covers for another week. It takes FEELING your power and wanting to run with it.

Read more about Kelly by clicking here.


The Venue

 Sparks Paris – 85 rue de Dunkerque 75009 Paris

Sparks Paris

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