A professional portrait is crucial.

You need it for your LinkedIn profile, your website, blog articles, press releases, and on so many occasions.

Come & join us on the 16th of September and let’s enjoy a photshooting session together with Kayee Chiu, our professional photographer.

During this afternoon, 8 women will have the opportunity to get the business portrait that matches with their career goals and – above all – with their inner values.
(Program below)

About Kayee Chiu, our professional photographer

Kayee is a freelance portrait photographer in Paris. She dedicates her skills to create portraits that women can cherish forever. By insisting on the value of every woman’s unique experience, she gives them a moment of “retreat” during the photoshoot without any judgemental eye from the outside, in order to reconnect them to their true inner beauty.

Making photography more than just photos, Kayee has built 2 lines of services: Women Glamour portrait & Business portrait. This time she will connect with members of Paris For Her by walking each of them through a small individual photoshoot in a professional studio for their Business headshots.

Strong believer in the light shining from each person’s heart, she always connects with each lady before she clicks the shutter button to capture their essence.

Find out more about Kayee’s work by visiting her website.


Get-together starting at 2 pm

Photoshooting of each attendant after a face-to-face meeting with Kayee.

2 retouched photos of your choice.

Networking including light finger food and drinks

End of session: 6pm

Price for Free members: EUR 49,00
Price for Premium members & AUP students: EUR 44,00


Please bring enough coordinated clothing, hairdressing accessories etc. with you. Wear your natural make up and bring a few of your own make up products in case some adjustment is needed for the camera.

We look forward to meeting you on September 16th and to enjoying a great moment of networking and sharing together!


A City for Her / A City for Her is an innovative startup dedicated to dynamic business women, women business travellers, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, startup founders, project initiators, expats, freelancers and motivated female students from around the world. A City for Her aims to facilitate face-to-face meetings, simplifies how women from many different places and sectors of industry do business, and helps them build a stronger network.


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