You are about to start your own independent business, working for yourself, with no subordination towards another entity. You need to choose a legal structure that suits best, whatever the size and the type of your business.

The French government established a legal, very simplified status called the Micro-entreprise (formerly known as Auto-entrepreneur) which is described as “pay-as-you-go system”.

This status has been established in order to help aspiring entrepreneurs start their own business and take their first steps on the market.

It is aimed at reducing the taxes and financial costs of running a small business in France.

However, the attractiveness of this status has many limitations. The French government has set some turnover levels above which a businessman/woman has to change their legal status. It has to become a sole trader (entreprise individuelle) or to create a new legal status: A company (société).


During this second workshop, which comes as a continuation of the first one: ‘Transition from employee to entrepreneur’, we will introduce the Micro-entreprise, and the conditions and terms for migrating to the company status. We will also introduce briefly two major company status: SASU and EURL.

About our Expert, Faten AMAMOU

Faten AMAMOU is a French Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor based in Paris.

She has 15 years experience in establishing and registering businesses, in accounting, taxation and social matters.

She provides entrepreneurs with professional advice and support on setting up a company, especially with respect to the legal aspects and business registration.

She also provides financial assistance and accountancy advice for new entrepreneurs and businesses to help them develop their business with useful tools such as dashboards and business plans.

She speaks French, English, and Arabic fluently.

Programme and pricing

Get-together from 7pm on

Session starts at 7:30pm (sharp)

Session ends at 8:45pm

Q&A Session: 8:45pm

Networking time including drinks and finger food

End of Event: 9:30-45pm

Premium members: EUR 15 // Free members: EUR 20

Maximum number of attendees: 20

We look forward to attending a useful workshop and to spending a wonderful time with you!


ESCEC International
102 Avenue des Champs Elysées
75008 Paris

Métro Georges V

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