A City for Her is an international networking community that lives and exists thanks to its members, i.e. dynamic business women, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, start-up founders, project initiators, freelancers, expats and motivated students from around the world.

You are an entrepreneur?
You start a new business on your own or you are at the project idea stage?
You feel alone, stuck, overwhelmed or going nowhere?

Our Booster Group is made for you!

Our networking community will give you not only a place for exchange of ideas, recommendations and best practices. It will also provide you with an interactive support and all the positive vibes and energy you need in order to find self confidence, self-worth and the strength to start or to pursue your entrepreneurial journey.

Joining A City for Her Networking events and participating to workshops help you develop your network and skills. Being part of our Booster Group allows you to find the answers to your questions, to raise points that you did not originally consider, to advance and grow with your network.


In 2018, say goodbye to loneliness and isolation and make it happen!

Join us!

What we do

As a community, it is natural and logical for us that we create synergy and cultivate pro-activeness to boost our projects, our businesses and reflections within our community.

In this respect:

> We register for a Booster Group in order to make our project go further

> We meet every two weeks during 3 months (6 meetings in total)

> We fix our goals and needs

> We set out our action plans

> We analyse the progress made and redefine goals

All these exchanges of views, tips and best practices take place in a nice location in Paris.


What you should bring:

+ Desire for change

+ Willingness to give, receive and share

+ Goodwill and motivation

+ A touch of madness!


>>>>> Present your project on December 12, 2017 <<<<<

Within TWO minutes, share with us:

+ What your project is about
+ What you have done so far
+ Why you want to join our Booster Group

After the final round of validation, FOUR participants will join the Booster Group,

Start date: February 2018

Being part of a Booster Group is FREE of charge.

Where & When

When: from 7pm to 10pm

During this evening you will meet-up with our 4 group leaders and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions!

Take your life and work project to the next level!

Who we are


After 12 years as an International Sales Manager, Arzu quit her job. She made the full leap a year ago.

Today, Arzu is about to launch her own business.

‘All I know and accept is the journey itself. I have no doubt I will learn a lot and continue to be myself. And for me, this is the real freedom, the authentic happiness.’


Online media consultant & international business developer with blueprint of market research, product development as well as modes of entry, sales process & partnership ad rem. In other words, actualizing new horizons for business owners and their projects.

“It has not been easy in France the last few years – to start everything from scratch. It takes courage to believe nothing is lost even you’re in a foreign land with less ability to manoeuvre”. Today, Carrie runs also Co-Happening event once a month in the center of Paris; occasionally in Asian cities such as Hong Kong.


After many years working in international companies, Sandra has made a career change to become Interior Designer.

She lays out, decorate apartments, houses for individuals but also for professionals.

Sandra also holds a degree in Photography.



Tiphaine is a young active woman who has gathered several years of experience in various sectors of industry and fields (marketing, communication, press relations, business development).

She believes in networking and loves to connect with people. The Booster Group by A City for Her is not her first experience in the co-development area.

Tiphaine is also a ‘serial brainstromer’: pitch your project or idea in front of her and you will receive a thousand tips and pieces of advice to develop your project or business better and faster.

Save the date(s)!

>>>>> First round of project validation: January 16th <<<<<

>>>>> Last round of validation & Booster Groups building: January 30th <<<<<


We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. 

― Albert Einstein

A City for Her is an international networking Community dedicated to dynamic business women, women business travellers, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, startup founders, project initiators, expats, and freelancers from around the world. A City for Her aims to facilitate face-to-face meetings, simplifies how women from many different places and sectors of industry do business, and helps them build a stronger network.


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