Explore the healing power of Bach Flower Essences for your personal growth, well-being and health.

Maybe you sometimes feel scared, anxious or overwhelmed; or depressed, despondent or feeling lost or you have no clue what to do with your life and why it is so difficult to relax. Bach Flower Remedies deal with emotions, bringing a sense of balanced back into ourselves.

In this introductive workshop you will be guided through a process of self-discovery. You will identify the flowers that support you to live your life to its full potential. You’ll learn the basic properties of all 38 remedies and how to make the right mixtures to suit your own needs.

Bach Flowers

There are 38 remedies in the Bach remedy system. All of them were discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist. Dr Bach developed 38 individual flower remedies to help support our emotional states which he believed were the root cause of many physical health problems. Each remedy is associated with a basic human emotion. Mimulus, for example, is the remedy for when we are anxious or afraid about something specific. Taking the remedy helps us overcome our fear and face it with courage.

No prior experience is needed.

About the workshop leader, Carina

Carina grow up in Germany and was interested in alternative medicines from an early age on and one day she decided to become a naturopath. This paved the way for her to study Chinese medicine, craniosacrale therapy and other treatment methods. She got trained and certified in Germany. How the human body works and the different ways to bring him back into balance fascinate her. Besides working as a naturopath she teaches yoga in classes, workshops and retreats as well.

More information:

The space will be limited to twelve persons.

*Register early enough to avoid any disappointment!*

Holistic Yoga Paris
11 Rue d’Arcole, 75004 Paris

Public Transport
M° Saint Michel, Cité, Hôtel de Ville
Bus – 21, 24, 27, 38, 58, 70, 81, 85, 96

Program & Pricing
Duration: 2,5 hours
Start: 7pm
End: 9:30pm

Price: EUR 20
Max. 12 participants

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