Year after year, we make New Year’s resolutions to better ourselves in terms of getting rid of bad habits and taking better care of ourselves.

How many times do you tell you yourself: ‘Now, I’ll go (back) to the gym /take new classes /start eating healthier or learning new things…’?

Unfortunately, most of us will fall off the wagon – missing one class, then another, trying to go back after a couple of weeks, and then miss again, and soon or later, it will be over. We will feel bad and disappointed.

‘Health is the greatest wealth’ and once you’ve mastered the art of healthy living your whole life is propelled into a totally new level. We are aware of this fact and this is why our setbacks are so frustrating!

In this interactive workshop you will learn why we are sabotaging our own good intentions and actions, and how to stop doing it.

After the workshop you will walk out with:

–       a better understanding on how your own psyche works

–       practical tools and techniques, which will help you follow through on your new resolutions

–       additional resources on the topic that you can explore at a later date.


 About the speaker

Larissa Pekanova is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, a dedicated supporter & mentor for top managers & business owners. Her core mission is to empower her Clients to use challenging health & life situations as a springboard to become healthier, more confident and happier.



Workshop starts at 7 pm
Maximum number of participants: 15

Price: 8,00 EUR for Premium members / 13,00 EUR for Free members

This price includes:

– Small group conference led by a professional

– Booking of a beautiful and cosy space

– Healthy snacks & drinks

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