Have you ever wondered how a Web page actually works?

If you think this is some kind of magic trick or it is too difficult to understand, then  join us on December 10, attend our Learning & Creating session, and everything will be crystal clear!

We strongly believe that the combination of knowledge and creativity increases the likehood of success. A better understanding of the world you live in will help you see more opportunities, close the gap of knowledge between tech and non-tech, and finally make you realize that you can achieve new goals – that you could never have imagined beforehand!


During this 3-hour session, you will:

– learn and understand how a Web page works

– create your first Web page 

– achieve new objectives for yourself 

And we hope that you will have a lot of fun too! 

There are a lot of beautiful opportunities waiting for those who will go beyond the idea that tech is only for men! 

So come join us for this session!

This workshop includes:

– 3-hour workshop with a young & dynamic women professional 

– Effective small group learning session (max. number of participants: 10 pers.)

– Breakfast (during the whole workshop including Coffee/Tee/Fresh Drinks, sweet snacks and much more)

– Connecting & Quality Networking with like-minded women & professionals in Paris



Before the event, please ask for your member card @Anticafé. This is completely FREE!
Your member card will be at your disposal on Sat. 22nd.
Here is the link: http://membership.anticafe.eu/  It takes approx. 1 minute. I registered myself so now I can go to all Anticafés in Paris and in Europe and only pay EUR 3.00 per hour, drink coffee/fresh drinks while enjoying delicious cookies & snacks 🙂

About your mentor, Sonia Baibou 

Sonia Baibou, ElleCode

I am the founder of ElleCode, a French project, which aims to encourage women to embrace tech skills. Why? Because tech is still perceived as a man’s field. So we, women, even don’t try coding, it doesn’t interest us, it is not for us. I am right? That is at least what I thought until I was asked, during my first job, to create Web pages. I did it. I loved it. And I loved it so much that I could not resist learning more. Today, I develop web sites and I train especially women to let them know about all the amazing things coding can do.


A City for Her is an international Community, an innovative startup dedicated to dynamic business women, women business travellers, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, startup founders, project initiators, expats, and freelancers from around the world. A City for Her aims to facilitate face-to-face meetings, simplifies how women from many different places and sectors of industry do business, and helps them build a stronger network.


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