We often hear or read that networking, meeting new people and making new friends in Paris is quite challenging, especially when you are not a Parisian or when you have not studied here.

What about your own experiences?

Is or was that so difficult for you to build new friendships and develop enriching relationships with (non-)Parisians? In your work environment as well?

What does a real Parisian think about it?

We may also provide Newcomers with a good advice and help them not to give up or lose hope after a couple of day/weeks – in our wonderful French Capital.

Let’s meet and share our own experiences on June 8!  I am pretty sure that we will have a lot to tell to each other!

Exclusively for you we have picked up a wonderful location for us to meet…

Book your ticket asap to avoid any disappointment and see you on Wednesday!

Your A City for Her Team


Get-together starts at 7:30
Talks start at 8 pm
Maximum participants : 15
Booking price: EUR 2,00

 Sparks Paris


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