It is not uncommon today for a start-up to be founded by people from different cultures and regions in the world. However, a business is not conducted in an identical fashion from culture to culture. Some cultures are more hierarchical while others have flatter social structures. At work, the relationship between an employee and a boss is important as one culture may encourage open dialogue — even criticism of a superior by an underling — while in another, it would be unacceptable.

Furthermore, whenever a business — even a small one — wants to develop internationally and sell its products or services beyond national frontiers, then soon or later, the deciders will have to hire and rely on on-site/local teams in the target countries that will support them.

Yes, cross-culture is becoming increasingly important as the success of a business depends upon the smooth interaction of all stakeholders from different cultures and regions. Larger companies rely on the expertise of cross-cultural coaches. Not only because they can afford it, but primarily because they know that cross cultural management and communication are vital for them. What gets you to “yes” in one culture gets you to “no” in another. (Read more here)

On December 5th, a couple of members of A City for Her‘s Community, i.e. women start-up founders, entrepreneurs, expats from around the world, will introduce their venture and team, and explain us how they address that cross-cultural challenge in their daily work.

The presentations will be followed by a question and answer session.

Join us and share with us your own experiences. Your feedback and input will be greatly appreciated!


Kate Woska

Kate Woska

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Atikus

Kate began developing the Atikus idea in late 2011, with the desire to improve economic opportunities for low-income individuals by maximizing the capacity of financial institutions. She is now responsible for overseeing the entire Atikus operation, including product design, partnerships, and business development. Prior to co-founding Atikus, Kate worked in a product innovation group in Citibank’s Institutional Clients Group, designing payments-related fintech solutions for global corporates and their customers. Before joining that group, she worked for Citi’s Technology, Media, and Telecom team, devising short-term liquidity structures in emerging markets. Kate graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business with a BS in Finance and Management.

Read more about Kate:

Ida Kymmer

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ESPERE

Ida was born in Sweden and has lived and worked in Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan, South Korea, Poland, South Africa and France.
She has a MA in Peace & Conflict Studies and has worked as a journalist, composer and been running a creative agency in Seoul.
Ida is currently running Espere, a travel agency and consultancy business, focusing on connecting people and products across cultures with keywords such as quality, authenticity and sustainability. She is also in the middle of an eMBA at Berlin School of Creative Leadership. 

Learn more about Ida and her company:

Programme & Prices

Start time: 7:30pm
End time: 9:30pm
Location: Anticafe Louvre
Entrance fee: see conditions on the website.

Registration here

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