*** How often do we get an opportunity to be real with each other?

*** What if you knew the question to ask each time you want to move forward in a collaboration?

*** Have you ever though about turning your problems into challenges and be guided to solve them from co-creative approaches?

Imagine meeting each other in an environment where we are comfortable to be ourselves. That’s what we’re going to create.

It’s a refreshing change from the typical meeting, networking, conferences, or coffee machine conversation.

Through 3 guided coaching & communication games, you’ll have the opportunity to express your daily challenges and gain new (and maybe surprising) insight into yourself and others.

~ In this workshop, you will learn how to ask powerful questions, play, connect at a deeper level with other women, share professional challenges, and learn co-creative approaches to turn your issues into challenges. ~

You can play at whatever level feels comfortable to you. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, or answer any questions you don’t want to answer.


 About our Coach

Aurélie Leguillou

Aurélie – Life & Business Coach ~ speciality: entrepreneurship & feminine empowerment

In 2012, I left my job at vente-privée.com and discovered a wellness practice and a coaching methodology moving in San Francisco. I decided to bring the practice in France and coach active men and women in designing their work-life balance. They moved from good to better in their business and their relationships.

The best I have to bring is in supporting you to create the work-life balance you deserve.

As a gymnast in competition for years, I kept daily practices like dance, meditation, and yoga. I use them in my coaching approach to bring body consciousness and better postures in your daily life.

As an entrepreneur in e-commerce 10 years ago and in personal development those last 4 years, I keep desires to co-create. What I love the most is creating with women ready to move from “not that bad” to GOOD in their work-life balance.



Programme & Pricing

Get-together starts at 6:45pm

Workshop starts at 7:00pm 

Workshop ends at 8:30pm

Networking time until 9:30pm (we will pick up a nice place in the Bastille area)

Price: €10 (Premium Members) €15 (Free Members)

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