Some times there are so real sympathies as meeting for the first time we seem to find ourselves. – Alfred de Musset
(Quelquefois, il y a des sympathies si réelles que, se rencontrant pour la première fois, on semble se retrouver.)

by Padmini Anjaria, June 2017

Hi ladies!

My name is Padmini.

I have been living in Paris since May 2015.

Since then, my husband and I have been traveling a lot, either for business purposes or tourism. It was natural to me to bring a souvenir from every place I have visited. From this habit came the idea of Trippinbox. 

The idea was there, but I was not able to speak French. I was still intimidated by the French speaking people around me. Then, I started French lessons. Last year, I decided to look for some events in order to meet new people. And I found A City for Her.

It was amazing to see a group of professional women who come together, shared their experiences, exchanged ideas, and spoke English in the middle of Paris. I was really happy.

At the first event that I attended last spring, we were invited to introduce our ideas and make friends. This really caught my attention. In this workshop I introduced my business project and the ladies there appreciated it and encouraged me to move forward.  From completely unknown people I got an incredible boost of energy.

Following the advice I was given, I decided to create my website.

Later on I understood that A City for Her was not only a place where women meet each other but also where people learn new things. For example, I have attended an Html Coding course. A real benefit! I could finally understand a piece of coding which helps me for my business. And again A City for Her did not just help me with networking but also with improving my knowledge.

Oh my Code by A City for Her

Oh my Code! Workshop Session by A City for Her & ElleCode

In each of these events, I made really good friends. Arzu is one of them. She has literally been my support system when it comes to motivating me every day. You know, when you are away from your home country, you are out of your comfort zone, you just need another person who pull you out of the bed and see your ideas become reality. A City for Her gave me Arzu in a way.

This is how A City for Her helped me on different levels.

I can say, Trippinbox was born with Paris, I could gain trust in my project thanks to the A City for Her network, I got advice from lovely ladies, and I did not feel alone.

I am glad to tell you that my company status is being prepared at the moment. In less than a year with A City for Her a lot has happened in my life and very soon I will be very busy with my business.

Wishing you the same, I thank you all and hope to see you soon.


Padmini Bhonsale-Anjaria is the founder of Trippinbox.

Traveling between France & India, Padmini has been living in Paris since 2015.

Connect with her and say hello @ Padmini on A City for Her


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