Some times there are so real sympathies as meeting for the first time we seem to find ourselves. – Alfred de Musset
(Quelquefois, il y a des sympathies si réelles que, se rencontrant pour la première fois, on semble se retrouver.)

by Arzu Gedikli, June 2017

A City for Her appealed to me the first time I read about it on Meetup.

In October 2016, Nicole Hanley from the American University of Paris wrote an article about A City for Her, and I read this text again in January 2017. I was impressed by the number of members the group reached – over 1000 members!

When I went to check the figures, and I was even more surprised. The real number was in fact 1500 members on the A City for Her website and 2400 members on Meetup.

Within a matter of months, the figures increased.

I shouldn’t be surprised – it is A City for Her, it is ours, and we are a lot of women out there.

Meeting women from all over the world in Paris is a real chance.

All of them are smiling, sometimes they are shy, but all of them have this in common: they have borderless open minds that hug the entire world with love and goodwill.

A City for Her‘s events and workshops are full of good intentions and positive vibes.

Not everything is said out loud, but you still hear all the good wishes from everyone attending.

I was totally impressed by this solidarity manifested by the ladies:

‘I can help for this’

‘Did you think about this and that?’

‘You should move forward; your idea is brilliant’.

I met Padmini Anjaria at one of these workshops.

We said Bonjour and started the training exercises by helping each other.

She does not know anything about me, a part from my name, and I do not know anything about her, only her name. Yes, and so? Our goal here is to learn the HTML language. Like thousands of other languages, this time, HTML gathers us.  

Oh my Code! by A City for Her

Oh my Code! Workshop session by A City for Her & ElleCode

I could not be indifferent to Padmini and her start-up project, which I find very courageous.

Less than two years in Paris, and she is already entrepreneur. I visited her website Trippinbox where she offers travel boxes to tourists.

I take my hat off to her.

Then I ask if everything is fine with her business.

“I am still alone here, you know”, she said.

I would love to do more”.

Hearing this, after that day, I met Padmini several times again. I wanted to meet up with her and help with her project, bringing my little contribution as a grain of sand.  

We all know it is not easy to become entrepreneur, especially in a country where we need to learn everything from scratch. But we can share, think together and improve our conditions together.

Each time I met with Padmini, we discussed our projects, analyzing them as objectively as we could.

We have motivated each other. We have promised ourselves we will move forward on the way.

I wanted to share with you ladies what A City for Her brings to us.

I would like to thank A City for Her, its founder Nadia Soufi, and all the ladies who attend the group and share their experiences and advice.

What a chance we have here being in this group of ‘women power’. We have a lot to learn from each other and a lot to share. This union can only get bigger and stronger now. Our meetings will increase, our projects as well.

See you soon!



Arzu is now the happy founder of Arzu

Connect with @Arzu directly on A City for Her



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