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Born with a gift for languages and a thirst for travel, Kayee Chiu chose to leave her administration job and move to Paris a few years ago. It was here amongst the famed romantic architecture that she developed a passion for photography – a passion she has now made her second career. Kayee balances her artistic pursuits with a career as a Business Analyst for an International bank, and while this may seem daunting to some, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Spurred on by her disabilities – including being totally deaf in one ear – Kayee demonstrates an inner strength and sense of self that comes through in her bold photographs. 

When discussing these photographs, Kayee describes her transition to portraiture as an act of inspiration. After studying with photographer Sue Bryce to develop the complex set of skills needed in portraiture, Kayee began focusing her work on women and helping them feel like their most beautiful, actualized selves. She describes the photographic sessions as a “kind of therapy”: 

“It is four hours with a makeup artist and a hairdresser, where we have interesting conversations about life. I don’t believe that photography is just sending people a .jpeg file at the end – it’s a whole journey I take with the people I photograph”.

As she is in the business of empowering women, Kayee is a proponent of A City for Her and its message. “I totally buy it. It is completely in line with what I do in my photography business. Empowering women is the core of my photography project, and I really like A City for Her because it creates space for women in Paris”. 

Being in the business of emboldening women, Kayee has some advice for those wishing to pursue their passions, no matter what they are currently doing as a profession: 

“Listen to your inner voice – never lose track of your own values. I have been living by this advice my entire life. Oh, and even if you’re shy: get networking!” 






A City for Her is an inclusive women’s networking community that brings together dynamic businesswomen, expats, women business travellers, locals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and motivated students from around the world. More than 5000 women are part of A City for Her community.

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