In life, there are people who follow the rules – and there are the ones that break them. Katrin Koit is the latter. Born during the Soviet Union in Estonia, Katrin took the bold step of moving to Finland to pursue the study of art design. Describing her upbringing in the Soviet Union, Katrin explains how she had nothing, which propelled her into a necessarily creative life. It took her a while to release the notion of creativity as completely practical; now, she combines her sensible tendencies and design skills to develop her distinctive voice.


Her friend Lilian has the following to say about Katrin:

“Katrin has the same passion for everything around her. When she cooks, she does it well, thoroughly, and, as befits an artist, very beautifully. When she parties, she goes all the way. When she changes her hairstyle, it is no problem for her to shave her head. When she argues, she defends her views so stubbornly and hotly that she can burn the people she is arguing with”.

It is fitting then, with this combination of entrepreneurial and uninhabited spirit, that Katrin describes her designs as the combination of dangerous ideas and old school craft. It is also fitting that Katrin’s design agency has made the leap from Finland to Paris. On the transition, she says:

“I like Paris – I like the story and the people here. In Finland, it’s not like this. People are more open here, they go out more, and I find people have more life balance. In Paris, my life is easier”.

As a self-described “truly independent woman”, Katrin also finds that A City for Her is a natural fit in her expanding new routines and community.A City for Her is something we don’t have in Finland.”

“It is a country where equality is conceptual, but I believe that as women we need to take care of each other”.

In the spirit of this comradeship, Katrin gives the following advice to other women seeking a non-traditional path in life:

“People should do what they like. Take small steps and write down what you want, as even small decisions make a difference. If you have a goal, take baby steps and you will get there. Find friends that make you a better person. Find talented people, because some people are great motivators who will help you push forward”.


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