On June 18th, A City for Her celebrated its First Year of Events in Paris.

For this very special day, we decided to organize a walking tour in Montmartre in order to show our Community members the real face of one of the most famous and wonderful areas in Paris.

A City for Her Montmartre Tour

A City for Her Montmartre Tour

The participants appreciated the small streets, the famous Vignes de Montmartre, and all the interesting stories about the people who used to live there.

After a one and a half hours walk, we arrived at La Cave Nansoutya typical French wine bar located rue Custine in the 18th arrondissement. There François Écot, a wine specialist and French wine maker from Burgundy was waiting for us. A very interesting, fun and interactive Wine Tasting could start!!

A City for Her Wine Tasting

The wine tasting and the evening went on late at night, gave all an opportunity to network and to share.

Thank you so much for coming and for this fabulous afternoon & evening together! Networking is real and can be a very joyful moment.

See you very soon again!

Your A City for Her Team

A City for Her is an innovative startup, a international community and network of dynamic business women, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, expats, startup founders, project initiators, freelancers, and expats. A City for Her aims to facilitate face-to-face meetings, simplifies how women from many different places and sectors of industry do business, and helps them build a stronger network.




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