A City for Her is an inclusive, international networking Community that provides its members, i.e. women from around the world, with a platform to interact and meet-up with each other.


A City for Her was founded to help women from around the world to feel good in the City they live in, to discover and enjoy their (new) City, to grow personally and professionally while attending and creating enriching events and contributing in an impactful way to sustain local women-run businesses. #growwithyournetwork

Every woman is free to join A City for Her and free to choose her level of membership, i.e. Free or Premium.

Members of A City for Her have agreed to adhere to our General Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy.

At A City for Her, we are commited to ensuring our platform is a safe and genuine place for ALL women. Our community is growing every day and our goal is to have an environment where every woman feels at home, welcome, inspired and stronger. #strongertogether

Events on acityforher.com platform

What are “Events” on A City for Her platform?

Events mean, for example:

  • Any kind of workshops, meetups and gatherings
  • Personal and professional development workshops (e.g. coding session, yoga classes etc.)
  • Informal meetings / thematic meetings
  • Fun/leisure activities such as wine tastings, discovery of the city, visits of (a)typical places etc.
  • Conferences (e.g. on entrepreneurship, gender parity…)
  • Etc.

A City for Her Events are chargeable or free of charge events that are organized for the entire A City for Her Community. A City for Her Events are open to all members (free and premium). A City for Her Events are conducted by the A City for Her Team including A City for Her local Ambassadors and Premium members.

+ A City for Her Events are (co-)organized and (co-)conducted by A City for Her Team / Local Ambassadors / Premium Community Members in order to share common interests (e.g. going to the museum, dining together etc.) or to share knowledge and skills (e.g. workshops on personal and professional development, coding sessions, public speaking workshop, French or yoga or sophrology classes etc.) with the entire A City for Her Community (Free and Premium members).
A City for Her Premium Members can submit an event on our platform. After doing so they will be contacted by A City for Her Team in order to co-organize the event.

Paid/chargeable/payable events:

+ A City for Her Events – Chargeable events

If a member wants to join an event, purchases her ticket for that purpose and then cannot attend, please note that a full refund applies up to 48 hours before the event begins. After that, no refunds, full or partial ones, will apply.

The tickets for A City for Her Official Events are booked and purchased directly on acityforher.com

A City for Her integrates the online payment solution Stripe for all recovery and payment processes (e.g. receive payments, refund payment etc.).
Whereas Stripe is a free solution, A City for Her pays fees on each amount of money that is received.

Learn more about stripe here: https://stripe.com/ and refer to our A City for Her General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in that respect.


Contents and conduct of Events

+ A City for Her Events are exclusively available to A City for Her registered Members (free and premium).

In other words: Only Ladies who are registered (free or premium) members on acityforher.com may attend A City for Her Events.

+ A City for Her Events are exclusively designed for A City for Her Community.

In other words: All events proposed on A City for Her platform and conducted for A City for Her Community are legally protected by a copyright and the right of intellectual property. Therefore it is forbidden to propose, conduct or reuse the said events in any form, in any language or country.

+ Participation should be limited to the free and premium Community members who signed up for the event on the A City for Her platform.

+ A City for Her Events are organized by the A City for Her Team, which includes our local Ambassadors. Ambassadors organize events on a purely voluntary basis. They do not represent A City for Her as vicarious agents. A City for Her helps Ambassadors to organize events.

+ If a member accepts an event invitation and later cannot attend, we kindly ask the member to cancel her attendance on the A City for Her website and to do so 48 hours before the event begins, so that the organizer can plan accordingly.

+ An event posted on the A City for Her website is exclusively reserved and limited to A City for Her members, the host of an event shall not advertize for her event on another platform or social network, and similarly shall not promote an event advertised for on another platform or social network or organized notably by another community, company, NGO, association, or public body through A City for Her

+ We are an international, inclusive networking Community: All events must be created and carried out in English.

+ A City for Her reserves the right to remove or alter an event post should it not comply with these guidelines or if it is considered to be unsuitable for the platform.

+A City for Her reserves the right to take any action necessary to maintain the quality accordingly with the aim of its platform.

Networking rules

A City for Her does not tolerate spam. We define spam as content, which is irrelevant, unsolicited, impersonal, commercial, promotional, or repetitive.

It is strictly forbidden to send identical messages to multiple recipients.

A City for Her does not tolerate unreal, fake or duplicated accounts, profiles or pictures.

Breaking our Networking guidelines may result in your account being permanently deactivated.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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