Smooth transitions into a new career path

Feeling secure when you’re thinking about a career transition

by Kelly Morgan

When you’ve spent the majority of your life so far on a set career path, it can feel really scary to even think about changing. Because this is all you know, you’re actually good at it, right? And it’s bringing in a good salary… So why change? Because you have that little voice inside of you that’s saying “Is this what you really want, surely there’s more to life THAN THIS?” And yes, the voice is getting louder.

Often when you start thinking about this, you know you want to change your career, but you’re not entirely sure what you would love to do and even if it’s possible or just silly day-dreaming. The thing that usually makes you make that final step to start the transition is that you just. Can’t. Take. It. Any. More.

Finally, the feelings of low energy, lack of motivation, feeling down and unhappy inside overwhelm you and you decide to take action. The thing is, you can feel guilty about this unhappiness on some level as you feel that should be happy, right? You have a good career that you’ve worked really really hard for, you earn a good salary, there are promotion and learning prospects and you have a nice lifestyle. So on one side, it feels crazy to change.

So when people start on this path, wondering what it is they should do and have all these feeling of insecurity of “what if it all goes wrong?… what if I mess up my life?”

When it comes to any change, there will be feelings of insecurity, it’s perfectly natural as you are going into the unknown, however working with someone, you can make the transition as secure as possible.

To begin with, what I do is explore the possibility that there could be something better out for there for them – something that sets their soul on fire and makes their heart sing. Because that’s the only thing that’s really worth the change, as otherwise change is just to get out of the frying pan and you usually end up in the fire if what you’re jumping into isn’t something that is really for you – it’s more like an escape route. So it’s about connecting to your heart and going on an inner journey of discovery to find your deep values and life purpose. And now, remember I said that this is just exploring the possibility – there’s no commitment to jump unless you 100% feel it – sometimes you can explore possibilities and realize that actually you’re good with where you are and that’s totally ok. You can then put to bed all your feelings of “what if” and continue on your path with that satisfaction that you looked into it and you’re actually ok with where you are.

Secondly, after working for some time they get to really know what it is that would set their souls on fire and give them goosebumps! This is the exciting part as we begin to really flesh out the realities of what their dream vision would look like – not just in day-dreaming but bringing it down to practical reality so they can start to believe it’s possible for them.

Then we get into the practicalities – the fun of actually creating and implementing a plan to make it a reality.

The first step in the practical plan is to work out how much salary you need and also what you would love to earn and then you can go into detail on the lifestyle that you would like. From this, we then do a number of forecasts and calculations to see if it’s viable and how we can make it viable. This way, you feel completely secure that it can be a reality for you now.

From this grounded base, we then begin to look at all the action steps in between where you are now and where you want to be so that we can map out the plan. It’s about taking the baby steps to get there – not the huge big jumps, as it’s the baby steps that get you where you want to be in a safe and grounded way. That way, your dream career doesn’t feel so far away and un-achievable but rather an evitable future outcome. This all creates belief in knowing that this is totally possible for you. As I often say to my clients… “Let’s create a floatable new boat for you to step into before you sink the old boat”.

Then the magic really happens! It’s a mix of spiritual inner work and practical planning to enable you to step onto that new boat full of confidence, feeling totally amazing and excited about all the progress that you’ve made and what’s coming up for you in the future.

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Love Kelly

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