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The secret to finding your life purpose and live with no regrets, by Kelly Morgan

++ This workshop is postponed ++ Stay tuned ++

The secret to finding your life purpose and live with no regrets

by Kelly Morgan @ A City for Her #acityforher

Have you got success but yet you don’t feel like you’re doing what you love? Are you feeling like what you have right now isn’t how you want to continue, and yet you’re not sure of your next steps?

To answer these essential questions, that can haunt everyday life, I present an elegant framework that enables you to identify what you would love to do in your life – so that you live life with no regrets!

If any the following rings true for you, then this workshop will be life-changing!

  • You want to do something with more meaning to what you do
  • You want to wake up and feel happy to jump out of bed and go to work
  • You feel like things aren’t going so well right now and you want to know why

In this workshop, you will get to know what you would really love to do; all your desires that are hidden in your heart, from relationship, to health, to work, and start working towards realising some of those dreams which will create a deeper sense of meaning.

Kelly Morgan
Confidence and Empowerment coach to help find out what you love to do and make the leap to get there

Programme, Pricing & Location

Workshop starts at 7:00 pm
Maximum participants: 20
Minimum participants: 5

Location: tbd (a central venue in Paris)

EUR 15,00 (Premium members)
EUR 20,00 (Free members)

PS: stay in touch on my FB page where I do free live video training with insights and tips!

Stay in touch:

Connect directly with Kelly by clicking here

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Thursday November 15th, 7:00 pm > 9:30 pm
15€ - 20€

Who's Attending

3 people are attending The secret to finding your life purpose and live with no regrets, by Kelly Morgan

  • Maureen DonovanMaureen Donovan
  • Moira Ni GhallachoirMoira Ni Ghallachoir


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Kelly Morgan Workshop - Premium Members15,00 euros w/tax

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Kelly Morgan Workshop - Free Members20,00 euros w/tax

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