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Intensive French Course – Intermediate – by I Learn French & A City for Her

Intensive course – A City for Her

Learn French while making new friends & networking

Level A2

24 hours

Price: € 350

Level required: beginner and ‘false’ beginner

Included in the price: material, coffee and snacks, and rental of the room.

Maximum 10 motivated Ladies

Bonjour bonjour! My name is Yasmine and I am an active member of A City for Her and Brussels for Her. I have been a French teacher for almost a decade and I am super excited to provide the first French intensive course with A City for Her.

Come and take your French skills to the next level – with a small group and a very interactive training. This intensive course is mainly conversation oriented so you can directly apply what you have learned during the class.

Learning a foreign language as an adult is a challenge. We are sometimes too strict with ourselves. I am myself studying Arabic to challenge myself and improve my teaching skills. In other words, we are all on the same page 😉

During the training, I will give lots of advice and tips to improve your learning.

Improve your French while meeting (new) girlfriends and networking. How amazing does that sound?

Grammar objectives

  •    Identify when and how to use the past tenses (Passé-composé, imparfait et plus-que-parfait)
  •    Le conditionnel (je voudrais)
  •    Le futur (je voudrai)
  •    Le subjonctif (il faut que tu saches)
  •    Les pronoms relatifs (qui, ce que, celui, ce dont, duquel, auxquels,…)
  •    Les hypothèses (si j’avais su, je ne serais pas venu(e) )
  •    L’interrogation (lequel)  
  •    La concordance des temps
  •    La négation (ni…ni)
  •    ….

Vocabulary objectives

  •    The media and the news
  •    Health
  •    Education and training  
  •    Housing
  •    Locations and transportations
  •    Health, movements and physical description
  •    Business oriented vocabulary
  •    ….

Conversation objectives

  •    Talk with confidence about your daily routine, your hobbies
  •    Talk about events in the past with details
  •    How to start and finish a story in the past with link words (puis, ensuite, …)
  •    Make suggestions / To hesitate
  •    Express your point of view/choice, yours pros and cons and why
  •    Talk about what you liked and what you didn’t
  •    Talk about your professional experience in details
  •    Express objectives
  •    Express wishes, hopes, ambitions
  •    Make a story about an event or about something
  •    Start and finish/conclude a conversation  
  •    ….

Cultural aspect of the French language and living in France

  •    What is considered to be acceptable and unacceptable
  •    What are the “don’t”s in Paris?
  •    Comparaison with your country (in French of course 😉 )
  •    ….

*Save the dates*

4 Days a week – 4 hours per day

Schedules: from 9:am to 1:00pm

Monday 16 July

Tuesday 17 July

Wednesday 18 July

Thursday 19 July

Monday 23 July

Tuesday 24 July

Wednesday 25 July

Thursday 26 July

Requirement to attend the course.

  •    Present tense
  •    How to create the passé composé
  •    How to create the imparfait
  •    How to create the future
  •    How to create the conditionnel

Feel free to ask revision exercises about the topics above to prepare your intensive course.

About Yasmine, our fabulous French teacher

Yasmine Adèle Lesire

Founder and French Teacher

I started to teach French as a second language in 2008 in Madrid when I was studying an MBA at the same time. My dream was working for a Big4 company and to become a super manager. In 2009, I moved to Brussels and I really enjoyed teaching French and being a private teacher. Working with busy professionals is challenging and the routine doesn’t exist. When I was about to accomplish my MBA, I decided to change my career plan and to become a Teacher-entrepreneur and to open the school I learn French in Brussels.
In 2016, I opened I Learn French Paris. Today, I am teaching French online and in Paris. I am also in charge of the management of the two schools.
Connect with Yasmine on a City for Her >> here

Registration: send us an email >> paris@acityforher.com

A City for Her is an inclusive international networking Community dedicated to dynamic women, women business travellers, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, startup founders, project initiators, expats, freelancers and motivated postgraduate students from around the world. A City for Her aims to facilitate face-to-face meetings, simplifies how women from many different places and sectors of industry do business, and helps them build a stronger network.

Monday July 16th 2018,9:00 am
Thursday July 26th 2018,1:00 pm


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