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BEAT THE BURNOUT, Level 2 – TRANSFORMING EMOTIONS for improved positivity, reactions and outcomes

Here’s opus 2 of the Beat the Burnout workshop series. This time we are dwelling into emotions, how to consciously choose to feel postitive emotions, which in turn considerably improves how we react to events, especially the ones we cannot control.


You need to have previously attended “Beat the Burnout level 1. Less stress, more resilience better performance” workshop.

Now that you understand how stress impacts your cognitive abilities and how to interrupts this self induced lobotomy in the moment with a simple breathing exercice, it is time to dwell even further in the physiology of stress and how it relates to your emotions.

Different emotions impact your body in very different ways and you will now understand how in a compelling way. Too often people believe they are ‘victim’ of their emotions, as they see them as naturally occuring in response to what happens in their lives. Believe not!

Positive emotions can be self generated, and they should, as part of taking responsibility for our health & well being, and as part of an efficient emotional management that leads to much better communication with others, more constructive behaviours, increased overall performance and comfort within that performance.

Programme, Pricing & Location

– Quick recap on the most important points you’ve learnt previously
– Recap and practice of the Heart-Breathing technique.
– Drawing a comprehensive map of our emotions & behaviours depending on what type of biological response they create in our body
– Learn how to self generate positive emotions, and retrain your neural pathways for positive outlooks
– Learn an additional technique to upgrade your practice and attune yourself even more deeply to the state of coherence.

At the end of this workshop you will know how to impact positively your health, performance and social intelligence.

But it will be up to you to practice to make it a reality. Let’s the journey begin. 🙂

Workshop starts at 7:00 pm
Workshop ends at approx. 9:00 pm
Networking time and drinks until approx. 9:30pm
Maximum participants: 15

EUR 10,00 (Premium)
EUR 25,00 (Classic)
Including some drinks and finger food

(Full refund applies up to 48 hours before the event starts)

tbd (a centrally-located venue)

About our wonderful coach, Julie PĂ´ne

Julie is an intuitive coach, specialised in career coaching and stress management, certified with the HeartMath* system. She works with people on making their career work for them rather than work for their career.

*HeartMath® is a set of techniques, models and biofeedback technologies designed for emotional self awareness and self regulation. Based on 26 years or research on the heart, brain and emotions, and over 300 independent peer reviewed studies.

NB: delivered in English, (with complimentary French accent)

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 A City for Her

Tuesday June 11th, 7:30 pm > 9:30 pm
10€ - 25€

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One person is attending BEAT THE BURNOUT, Level 2 – TRANSFORMING EMOTIONS for improved positivity, reactions and outcomes

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BEAT THE BURNOUT, Level 2 Premium10,00 euros w/tax

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Unlimited available
BEAT THE BURNOUT, Level 2 Classic25,00 euros w/tax

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