Article by Isabelle Nourry

On December 12, the visit of the Parisian galleries and passages went on with a lovely international Paris For Her group.

We first visited Galerie Colbert, named from a hotel located there before it was built around 1826. It is the only gallery without shops. Its owner is the Bibliothèque Nationale and it hosts the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, among others. It is said that Berlioz sang the Marseillaise there in 1830. We admired the beautiful large rotunda ceiling and neoclassical details. There is still an original portrait of Colbert above one of the exit doors.

Then we walked through the magnificent Galerie Vivienne, even more beautiful with charming Xmas decorations. Our group had some stops in some nice shops. At number 13 we had another stop for some history, as Vidocq who inspired Jean Valjean’s character in Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, lived there. Then something totally unexpected happened: our group stepped in the middle of a birthday party and got invited to have a glass of champagne! That’s one of the many surprises that can happen in Paris and at Paris For Her J Everyone enjoyed it while continuing with networking and sharing life stories.

We then resumed our walk afterwards and went to the smallest passage in Paris called « Passage des 2 pavillons », built in 1820. Our tour ended in Passage Choiseul which was built in 1827 and where the Bouffes Parisiens theater is located. Céline spent his childhood in this passage and Verlaine used to come to his publisher’s  bookstore there.

After our tour it was time for dinner which took place in a very good tapas restaurant. On our way to it we crossed the beautiful gardens of Palais Royal by night. And then more talks and fun was on the agenda :-).


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  1. Isabelle Nourry 5 years ago

    None of it could happen without A City for Her! 🙂 Special THANKS to YOU always!

    To all the lovely ladies around here, thank you and stay tuned for the 2016 coming events! More fun ahead 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you all!
    Have a wonderful Xmas and holiday season 🙂

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