February 20, 2016

Dear super-achievers,

Practice practice practice…It’s not so difficult for you? Discipline is part of your personality. Try to use this burning desire to reach self-realization also to be kind with yourself.
Remember the importance of letting go your attachment to control and perfection. Be honest with yourself, knowing your limit and when you need to say no for self-preservation.
Keep some time for you and to link with people.
Enjoy your life and your career mindfully!
Love, light, and peace.


More than 3 million French workers are close to burnout.

This emotional, physical and mental exhaustion is linked to an excessive and long-term stress exposure. Today, and more than ever, this emotional state impacts entrepreneurs and executives. Burnout seems to be the ‘winner’s affliction’ as it impacts engaged and high potential leaders in the first place.

MBEM Mindfulness Based Energy Management© is an holistic method built to prevent burnout and to optimize leader’s efficiency thanks to communication techniques, cognitive reappraisal, relaxation practice, healthy life style training.

This Conference has been co-organized by A City for Her. It took place at the Zango in Paris (1st Arrondissement).

Many thanks to all participants for coming and sharing their own experience with other A City for Her Community members. It’s been a wonderful and a very enriching evening. Keep this in mind at all times: prenvention is better than cure!

Nadia @ParisForHer

  1. Bemi Hammond 5 years ago

    We don’t often tend to value our self preservation, the key thing for me is being first able to recognise what could lead to a burnout situation and learning to say ‘no’. Thank you Séverine and Nadia for such an insightful evening.

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