Never be afraid to fail, the sooner you fail the better you cope with failure and learn from it.

-Adeline Belle

A City for Her: How do you feel today?

Adeline Belle: Great! The sun is finally out! I had a long but fulfilling day.

A City for Her: Where are you right now?

Adeline Belle: I am answering this interview from my desk, in my lovely room, dressed in a pink kimono.

A City for Her: What are you drinking?

Adeline Belle: I am drinking a latte.

A City for Her: Where are you from?

Adeline Belle: Besançon, in eastern France, it looks a bit like “Middle-Earth” in Lord of the rings. I am of Central African (CAR) origin.



A City for Her: How many languages do you speak and which ones?

Adeline Belle: I speak French, English and Sango (CAR’s official language)

A City for Her: How long have you been living in Paris?

Adeline Belle: Ten years already!

A City for Her: Why Paris?

Adeline Belle: For my studies and to escape from “Middle-Earth.


A City for Her: What is your favorite place/venue in Paris?

Adeline Belle: Saint-Michel

A City for Her: The last A City for Her event you have attended?

Adeline Belle: Networking while Wine Tasting. It was great! I highly recommend, make sure you attend next time.

A City for Her: Which is your favorite city in the world?

Adeline Belle: The Hague – Den Haag, for some reasons I fell in love with this city. I love the city center, the beach, the international feeling and all that Jazz.

A City for Her: In which city would you like to live at least once in your life?

Adeline Belle: San Francisco 

San Francisco

San Francisco

A City for Her: What are your hobbies or passions?

Adeline Belle: I like to sing. I have been part of choirs and groups. I generally sing alto. I also like to dance, especially Puerto rican salsa.

A City for Her: What is the last book you read?

Adeline Belle: Les chemins de Nelson Mandela – 15 leçons de vie, d’amour et de courage

A City for Her: The last movie you saw?

Adeline Belle: Black Panther

A City for Her: Why do you wake up in the morning?

Adeline Belle: To be the greatest me I can be.

A City for Her: What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Adeline Belle: A prayer for the new day and some stretching.

A City for Her: What do you do now?

Adeline Belle: I am a lawyer in business law and litigation. I registered at Paris Bar in 2015, after studying law in France and in England. I love my job especially since I started my own law firm. I chose this profession because there is no routine, variety and flexibility are a real cure against boredom.

A City for Her: Where will you be and what will you do in three years?

Adeline Belle: In three years time, I would still be a lawyer with a partner in 4 persons’ structure.

I will be able to play bass guitar.

A City for Her: What do you need to achieve today?

Adeline Belle: At the moment I am thinking about getting out of my comfort zone, create new opportunities, and expend the activities of my firm in other areas (international relation, advocacy, and training).

A City for Her: What is your favorite quote?

Adeline Belle: Don’t try to be to someone else, being yourself is hard enough.

A City for Her: What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Adeline Belle: Always make sure you can make the difference between what is important and what’s an emergency.

A City for Her: What advice would you love to pass on today?

Adeline Belle: Never be afraid to fail, the sooner you fail the better you cope with failure and learn from it.

A City for Her: Which woman in your life inspires you the most and why?

Adeline Belle: Christiane Taubira former Minister of Justice in France, but also great writer and thinker. She inspires me with her wit and sense of humor.

A City for Her: Which woman-owned business would you recommend…
– in Paris?

Adeline Belle: Valérie Muziot, founder of Valnaos It training and Consulting

– in some other Cities in the world?

Adeline Belle: In London Shir Li Lim founder of Home Care Preferred Barnet

(3C Calley House, Moon Lane, EN5 5YL)


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-Adeline Belle

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