On June 29, A City for Her was glad to welcome two incredible women with two incredible stories at the Nest34, on the Champs Elysées.

During this evening of sharing and networking, Hazel Manuel and Phoebe Blackburn told us their inspirational stories about life and work, spoke about the choices they made, what they resulted from and how they achieved it.

During her Talk ‘Life goals as moving targets’, Hazel told us about her business career within the education sector, what she loved about it, why and how she made her career change and why she loves what she is doing now.

Nadia Soufi, Hazel Manuel, and Phoebe Blackburn

Nadia Soufi, Hazel Manuel, and Phoebe Blackburn



Hazel would like to thank everyone who came for being such a wonderful audience and for all the interesting questions and discussions after the talk. Her book about women in the Boardroom, The Geranium Woman is available on Kindle at http://goo.gl/LM5WSm





In her talk, ‘Mine the Gap’, Phoebe told us about quitting an office job, travelling solo, her ‘gap years’ and career changes and some of the things she’s learnt from going freelance. Today, Phoebe is completing her book on trashcans/waste linked to her trip.

Phoebe Blackburn Mine The Gap

Phoebe Blackburn – ‘Mine The Gap’

Just to say I much enjoyed speaking to A City for Her members last week. You can find my profile on LinkedIn – https://fr.linkedin.com/in/phoebeblackburn – and my websites: www.phenomenalwords.com for high-end language coaching, workshops, editorial consulting, and www.plubelles.com for my trash can expo, book & project.

After the talks and an enriching questions/answers session, the event went on until late at night and all participants had the opportunity to share their own stories, their experiences of work & life in Paris and worldwide.

A City for Her Career Switch Life Change Nest Paris 2

A City for Her Community Members – Networking Time

Thank you so much for this fabulous evening together. Stay tuned and see you very soon again!

Your A City for Her Team

A City for Her is an innovative startup dedicated to dynamic business women, women business travellers, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, startup founders, project initiators, expats, and freelancers from around the world. A City for Her aims to facilitate face-to-face meetings, simplifies how women from many different places and sectors of industry do business, and helps them build a stronger network.


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