Who we are

Our story began in 2015 with the creation of A City for Her by Nadia Soufi. After 12 years abroad, Nadia decided to move to Paris, which is neither her home city nor the city she studied in. Like many other women, Nadia was dreaming of Paris and all the fantastic business and social opportunities that would await her. Unfortunately, the first months in the City of Ligths were far from easy.

In 2011 Nadia moved to Paris, with no social or professional network (not even a Social Insurance Card!). Full of initiative and enthusiasm, she participated in several business networking events. At that time, everything was very codified, and very male-dominated. “I would spend the evening talking to a man that I thought was interested in my business, but instead he was interested in taking me out to lunch or dinner the next day”. She became quite fed up, and quite disappointed.
As an interpreter she also accompanied business men and business women during their business trips and meetings. The experience was always the same: whether they stayed one night or one week in Paris, all these business women who were dreaming of Paris too always stayed in their hotel room, and even had dinner in front of their computer. Each time Nadia proposed to have a drink out somewhere in Paris, the answer was an unequivocal “yes”, a huge smile and sparkling eyes. A City for Her / A City for Her was born.

Today, we are an international networking community of women business owners, employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, post-graduate female students, expats and locals, working to build something enriching, inspiring, powerful and impactful that has never been built before: A City for Her

What we do

A City for Her is an international community, an impactful network of open-minded and supportive women from around the world redefining happiness and success on their own terms.

We are more than 5’000 members worldwide representing more than 90 different nationalities.

We support girls and women who want to live their dreams both big and small through the events, workshops and experiences we create.

We provide concrete and efficient tools that facilitate face-to-face meetings, simplify how women from many different places and sectors socialise and do business together.

We promote local women business owners and entrepreneurs by giving them visibility and providing them the tools and resources they need to grow.

Thanks to A City for Her, women from around the globe will no longer simply cross paths but will meet up to talk and share things together. This will be a faster – and better – way to grow personally and professionally.

“It’s so important to feel good, to feel well, in the city you’re living in.
If you feel that sense of community, you will thrive in your new location in each area of your life.”
― Nadia Soufi, Founder 
“I totally buy it. It is completely in line with what I do in my photography business. Empowering women is the core of my photography project, and I really like A City for Her because it creates space for women in Paris.”
― Kayee Chiu, professional photographer


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