Currently searching for a job? This period in your life is, in many ways, one of the most challenging ones. It seems fair to say that you worked hard on your CV and cover letters with the aim of finding out the dream job in your dream company. Let’s not beat around the bush, I know some of you ladies are willing to find the right full-time job right here, right now. I face it myself! So I have decided to act and today I would like to share several tips with you. Ladies, are you ready?

#1 No rush. Take your time.

First of all take some time to think about your project and to reflect on yourself. Think about your skills, your experience, what you have achieved so far and what you want to achieve now.

Picture credit: Alice Enée

Picture credit: Alice Enée

#2 Attend awesome workshops

Besides A City for Her‘s amazing workshop series, wonderful organizations such as Activ’action aim to transform unemployment into an empowering life experience. Joining a workshop is literally as simple as hitting “send” on an email! Don’t hesitate. It’s worth trying it!

Picture credit: Activ'Action

Picture credit: Activ’Action

#3 Join a collective COJOB prom!

COJOB is amazing. There you can attend morning workshops (Youpi Matin) or enroll for three weeks for an intensive job search session while enjoying the support of a team of 12 to 15 people in a trendy and comfy coworking space.

Things worth knowing about searching in a coworking space with other people: All people there tend to be quiet, they are nice, trustful, supportive and happy to share tips and a good advice with you.

Picture credit: Alice Enée

Picture credit: Alice Enée

#4 Network work work work work (Thanks Rihanna)

Never stay alone in the Jungle! One of the best solutions is, of course: Networking. A City for Her organizes several networking events each month dedicated to expats women, (aspiring) women entrepreneurs, postgraduate female students and Parisian women in order to help them develop both their professional and social networks.

Our insider tip: Try to talk to as many participants as possible. Write down what is important to remember after every discussion and event. These events are designed to be informal and very spontaneous. You will feel at ease, you will show yourself at your best.

Want to network and learn how to do so? Then check this incredible program and join us this month!

Picture credit: Alice Enée

Picture credit: Alice Enée

#5 Be good to yourself (Only youuuu)

While searching for a job, one of the most important things to do is to focus on yourself. Take time for yourself every day: 30-minute break in the park for lunch, 5 minutes listening to your favorite song between two workshops or interviews, 15 minutes taking care of your feet. Think about your skin, (your mamma told you, remember?) and participate in holistic health workshops and classes with other A City for Her ladies from around the world!

Picture credit: Alice Enée

Picture credit: Alice Enée

#6 Enjoy nice restaurants in Paris for less

Les petites tables is a great way to discover new tables everywhere in Paris without putting a hole in your wallet.

Picture credit: Alice Enée

Picture credit: Alice Enée

#7 Listen to Lily Singh. She’s a Bawse

What’s a BAWSE ?

Lilly Singh is an incredible woman inspiring everyone including me. She started her career on Youtube back in 2010, naming her channel “||Superwoman||,” and has now reached millions of subscribers. Order her book: How to be a Bawse ― full of amazing ideas to ‘conquer’ life, she says.

Picture credit: Alice Enée

Picture credit: Alice Enée

#8 Learn French!!

Last but not least: if you want to be integrated into French professional & social life, it’s time to learn and speak the ‘Language of Molière’. A great team and A la carte & fun program await you @

Thank you very much for reading me!



About A City for Her‘s contributor, Alice ENEE




I am currently working for different French organizations (A City for Her & a Yoga club in Normandy) to bring some energy, help and support women & men, and develop my skills.

I am also looking for a full-time job in Paris or abroad. I graduated from the English and Communications department of Caen Normandy University, had several professional experiences & worked in an International NGO based in Paris as a Civic Service volunteer. I am looking for my new professional challenge now!


Want to share your story with other incredible women like you? Live the experience & share it with the A City for Her community. Just get in touch with us:






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