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“I attended my first networking event organized by A City for Her last week. Sooo glad I came and met all these lovely women with different profiles, from different countries and inspiring stories. The last meet up was last night !can’t wait for the next one ;D”

Dianie BigandCEO at Les Douces Mines

“When you meet someone for the first time but you feel so comfortable as if you’ve always known each other… that’s what happens at Paris for her.”

Adeline BelleLawyer at Paris Bar



“I recently attended an evening workshop called What Is It That You Really Want, hosted by A City for Her. It was an evening well spent as the workshop was very hands on. I also loved meeting several new ladies and seeing others that I am getting to know better through the A City for Her community.”

Breese Stevens, Success Trainer, USA now living in Paris

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    Set in Paris

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What our members say

A City for Her is an amazing community! It is a community where women from all walks of life come together to uplift each other, and together, make a stronger impact in the world. #strongertogether We contacted Nadia to put up an event “And She Inspires” in Paris, to share stories of dreams and hopes we had collected from our round-the-world cycling journey. What a memorable and meaningful evening it was! The venue Set in Paris was the perfect setting for the stories we shared. We met women from at least 10 different nationalities in one night. They were open-minded, ambitious, courageous to share their dreams, and most precious of all, they were eager to help each other.

Within a week from the event, we got messages and photographs from women who attended the event sharing with us 1) the steps they’ve taken towards their own dreams, and 2) how they’ve help someone else in the group fulfill theirs. Thank you Nadia and A City for Her, you’ve showed us what it means to build a community that is stronger together!” 

Tay & Val Business Spiritual Mentorship at Tay&Val #DreamsUnlimited, Seattle & Washington


“I have been to 3 events and in all of them I had the pleasure of meeting interesting, smart, confident women. Gina is very open and makes you feel welcome.”

Desyree JesusSan Francisco Bay



A City for Her is the best choice if you want to learn and grow, join events with substance and meet interesting and professional women”

Anastasia HeilmannCountry Manager at My Little Paris, Berlin

“I look forward to staying in touch and I’m definitely looking forward to the next event! Thank you so much for getting this Community together!”

Elizabeth Plum, Senior Product Marketing Manager, San Francisco Bay Area

These events were the highlight of my week, and were truly a valuable part of my time in Paris.

Veronica Gnaman, R4R at Netflix, San Francisco Bay Area

“I look forward to the day when I have the opportunity to return to Paris so I may visit with this fabulous group of women again!”

Tiffany Scudder, Operations Admin, Sun Valley Resort, Boise, Idaho Area

“A City for Her” is a great concept! I have met amazing, talented professional women. This has been wonderful source of networking and support as I have transitioned to my life in Paris. The programs and meetings are as diverse as the members which makes each function an enriching experience. I highly recommend this to any woman who is just passing through Paris or settling here for awhile!”

Marie OliverasAmerican Global HR executive on assignment in Paris

A City for Her has proved an invaluable resource for Set in Paris and a natural, wonderful partnership. Not only has A City for Her‘s large network increased our visibility and profile by choosing to host a range of events, classes and meetings at our coffee shop, it has also become a wonderful and encouraging support system and a sounding board for ideas.
A City for Her attracts like-minded, friendly ladies from all around the world. What makes it so special is a refreshing approach to ‘networking’ that is genuine and natural with a focus on creating lasting friendships/bonds as well as both personal and business development.    

Whether you are new to a city, looking to change careers or simply want to meet inspiring woman, A City for Her is the perfect place to start.”

Abigail de Bruyne, CEO and Founder at Set in Paris, Paris

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